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If you support good faith bargaining and are a student/community member who wants to show support for the faculty that has supported our University journey for so long please reach out and put your name behind the action.

My personal Facebook page would be the best way to reach out and put your name behind returning to school.

I will be delivering an orange envelope to the administration prior to the 12th of March 2022.

Any student, community member, and/or whoever else in-between may reach out to me via email or Facebook to show support for taking action against the University Administration for bad faith bargaining and misuse of student funds. My Facebook URL is and the best email to reach me at currently is

Thanks for submitting!

Invest Smartly

Click the bookman above or this button below for a not so funny joke about bad-faith bargaining with the professors that taught me enough to be able to drop out of university and use a friends and family prospectus free investment fund to finance Reform Canadian Healthcare Inc.

I support good-faith bargaining and an administration that cares about students.

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