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DJ Dubs - Jemma Warrack - Not a DJ

Born in Strathmore Alberta and currently in her last year of a nursing degree at the University of Lethbridge, Jemma Warrack is just here for the meme.

Due to the strike Jemma Warrack, like many of us students, has felt like a true Couch Boy recently.

She is not actually a DJ but has quite the Spotify playlist she is ready to Shamrock and Roll into Brewhouse with!

Jemma Warrack has many hobbies, none of which I know... however, she is in fact on a couch. 





A True Couch Boy?  

Jemma and Bear on Couch DJ Dubs_edited.png

A Sample of DJ Dubs (Not a DJ) Work


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Upcoming Shows

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To guarentee a spot for KINGS QUEENS & CLOWNS @BREWHOUSE join the Facebook event page and book a ticket below. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to support Green n Yellow Group.

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